For today’s share, we’re going lighter with an engagement session turned family affair. Oli and Rosette have had a kid for quite some time now and based on how I saw them, Ethan is the happiest thing that ever happened to them. We started the day with some family portraits. These are actually not posed […]


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More than half of our bookings are destination weddings and one of the favorites is Tagaytay. Just about an hour away from the metro, it’s the closest getaway with a nice cold weather plus a couple of dainty restaurants. Ian and Diana frequent this place whenever they visit Calatagan. It’s also where Ian proposed by […]


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Starting off with their theme, Christian and Janelle have always been fascinated with the Japanese culture. The details were done to showcase the country – paper cranes, parasols, and even DIY cherry blossom trees were brought in to achieve the Japanese feel. Other than that, the colour pink was widely used throughout the wedding especially […]


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Their shared fondness for traveling and going to the beach prompted them to have a water inspired concept. In retrospect, they initially planned to have a beach wedding but logistics would have been taxing. Easy solution and reasonable bargain: bring the sea to the city. By far, their reception has the most elaborate set up […]


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Two words that tantamount to marriage are joy and sacrifice. These are the same things we love about weddings, what we hope to capture and preserve. Luckily for all of us, there was an abundance of them in this wedding. Have fun checking out the photos of a couple to whom love and the call of duty are one.


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