About a month ago, the Visayas region of the Philippines was devastated by typhoon Haiyan, displacing millions of people from their homes and losing thousands of lives. Aid was quick to arrive especially from foreign countries but as Filipinos, a couple of wedding suppliers felt the need to still help. In these kind of situations, […]


We were having a rainy afternoon when we had the engagement session of Jaime and Nadine. Prior to this, we talked a lot on how the engagement session will happen and the location fit for their personalities. These two are really laid back so I think we got the perfect venue for the pre wedding […]


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It was January of this year when we joined our first bridal fair and I must say it was an absolute success. If you missed how our booth looked like, you might wanna check out these photos: Instead of giving away the usual such as discounts, we held a raffle for those who will book […]


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The south has become a famous spot for weddings in recent years with its colder climate and less congested roads. There are numerous wedding venues here but what caught the eye of Karlo and Paz is San Antonio de Padua. It took us quite a while to find the church since it’s not really along […]


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With almost a decade and thousands of miles in their story, they’ve finally come to this day. Jon and Patti are no strangers in the social scene. Jon, a.k.a DJ Johnny Verse and an entrepreneur, has made his mark by rising from the ranks and achieving a lot not just in music but in various […]


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