Modern Manila Wedding | Chu and Ida

Initially, Chu and Ida planned to hold a beach wedding somewhere in Leyte, south of the Philippines. However, to accommodate and ensure more guests could attend, they moved the venue to Manila. They still kept the idea of a beach-inspired theme as well as holding it somewhere south.

It was a pretty cute story. Through the photos taken at the reception, you’d have a glimpse of the couple, happy and carefree, with their guests in ensembles of floral patterned dresses, light fabrics and colorful garments. The wedding entourage and the reception area were peppered with details like hues of blue and brown, trinkets made of corals, shells transformed into containers – things that are reminiscent of the sand and sea. *If you remember, even their engagement session took place at the beach.

Moreover, this was a do-it-yourself wedding put together by the couple and their friends. Preparing for a wedding can be pretty stressful and yet signs of stress were nowhere to be seen on their faces. It just goes to show that some weddings need not be glamorous or fancy. That it’s simple, well-thought-of details and happy people that make weddings beautiful.