Pat and Pat | Christ the King and Enderun Wedding

The Pats have been together a total of 11 years before they officially tied the knot. “Officially” because with the length of time they’ve been together and the history they share, it’s like the knot was naturally and inevitably tied a while back before they even got married. (Further proof: Their relationship dates back to when long phone conversations through Bayantel’s 3-way calls were still an in thing.)

Contrary to popular notion, the sense of solemnity and sincerity was not lost despite the large crowd and spacious venue. We just love capturing moments amidst a vast sea of faces. As seen in some of the photos, people would burst into tears of joy for the couple or out of overwhelming emotions as the groom himself showed.

What’s most interesting about Pat and Pat is the fact that they are an ambigram not because they share the same name. In the same way one can read the same word from different perspectives, they know each other and can read the other not only in the original form presented but also from another manner.

Enjoy the photos and perhaps read more into another chapter of their already interesting enough of a love story. :]

Coordination: Kutchie Zaldarriaga | Getting Married Philippines
Make-up: Pia Reyes
Couturier: Camille Garcia
Videography: Buen Films

  • Cha - galing benjie!!! ^_^

  • Benjie - Hey Cynthia! I’m glad you like the shots and the story. We just post highlights of the wedding here but since you mentioned it, we put it up for you. Hope you like it! :]

  • Benjie - Thanks Lea! :]

  • cynthia pascual - Great shots! great story…except I did not see any picture of the father of the bride?

  • Lea - Amazing Photos as always Jie! :)

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