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Here are some of our recent work featured in Instagram. Sometimes, I also share some personal photos and what’s happening behind the scenes. Like what you’re seeing? Follow us for more!

Instagram post 17861136088508107 Get ready for it! #abscbnball2019 #yassipressman .
Videography: @theweddingnarratives 
Styling: @joannagee 
Couturier: @anthonyramirezdesigner 
Makeup: @mikkamarcaida 
Hair: @rjdelacruz 
Accessories: @miladayjewels .
Special thanks to @mikkamarcaida , @pressmanissa , and @keikofoxx for making this happen.
Instagram post 17890388464394449 Blythe #abscbnball2019 #andreabrillantes
Shot by @leivaldez of @theroguestudio
Styling: @eldzsmejia | @carlalberto
Couturier: @michaelleyva_ 
Makeup and Hair: @marbentalanay | @rjdelacruz 
Nails: @mimsqiu 
Shoes: @bragais_official 
Accessories: @ornatemanila
Instagram post 17884263817413767 “She had that smile, the smile that fill notebooks with ink like ears with whispers about.” -Tyler Knott Gregson
Instagram post 18053472820170143 We usually see these details on a typical flat lay. But not for us—we amp up the challenge by arranging them in more unique ways but still clearly showcasing each.
Instagram post 17863994971488424 It’s refreshing to see a dash of pink at Dan and Diana’s Tinghun. Most of the ones I covered were more into reds but this one’s quite different. On top of that, there’s the  signature detailed backdrop from @tinghun.tris that just gets better every time we work with them.
Coordination: @tinghun.tris 
Makeup: @leoposadas 
Couturier: @rhetteala
Instagram post 17843323357618057 Let’s meet this weekend at the #inspiredbeginnings2019 . It’s an exclusive bridal fair by the Conrad Hotel Manila featuring only the top wedding suppliers in the metro.
Registration opens at 11:00 a.m. and I’ll be there until 7:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. See you guys!
Instagram post 18092901715009338 There’s nothing better than a tight long hug after a long day. This is how we ended this pre-wedding shoot with Jes and Kat.
Styling: @sidney_yap
Instagram post 17910340597337754 And just like that, we have four months left for 2019. August is usually the wedding industry’s off peak. For some, that’s when people travel and take their rest days. For our team, it’s our chance to plan for the following year and work on improving the business. What are your August plans? :]
Instagram post 17888766457381153 Loving this soft glow from the warm early morning sun on Jes and Kat.
Styling: @sidney_yap
Instagram post 17994511132252352 Officially launching my 2nd team—with a core of young talented individuals and led by one of our female photographers, Rogue Studios is now ready for prominence.
For the past 8 years, we've stood by our ethos of having only one wedding for each day. There were a lot of times when the thought of creating another team came to mind but it always felt premature. But after growing and expanding the business, the perfect time to develop this team came.
Check out the link on my profile for a series of photos and follow the team’s journey at @theroguestudio
We’d like to thank these people who helped us in this shoot:
Makeup: @criseldaperez_ 
Styling: @stylingbyyvonnecamay 
Videography: @theweddingnarratives
Instagram post 17845533700545801 Looking forward to all the travels that we’ll have in the coming months. And I’m particularly excited for our beach weddings next year. Anyone else missing summer in this weather?
Instagram post 18085367563054218 Take the plunge! We only regret the chances we didn’t take. // 08.08
Instagram post 18057955042092509 I find it humbling to just lay beside the ocean and take in its endlessness. Recognizing that I have so much more to explore is a favorite way to keep myself grounded.
Instagram post 18052922887141740 We’re sharing more photos from John and Tina’s Melbourne pre-wedding shoot on the blog. Click the link on my profile or check out my stories!
Instagram post 17842562440514514 We’d walk through rushing waters and climb huge boulders to find areas like this. While most of the work is on us, our couples are no strangers to going out of their comfort zones.
Instagram post 17846119876484125 There’s still a lot of road left to travel // 08.08