New York Engagement Session | Kaiser and Karen Day 1

It is home to some of the world’s most iconic sites and it’s also a driving force in the global economy. Considered as one of the most influential cities in the world, the “City that Never Sleeps” lives up to its name as a metro with endless energy.

Kaiser and Karen are no strangers here. They’ve traveled a couple of times and it remains as one of their favourite destinations, making it the perfect venue for their pre wedding photos. Instead of the usual schedule, they booked us for two days. There’s just so much to see here that one day is not enough to visit the best spots.

For day 1, We chose to start with the places that are unpopular with tourists but are well loved by New Yorkers. We were first at Central Park which is at the heart of Manhattan. Who would’ve thought that a huge land sprawling with thousands of trees can be found right in the middle of an urban jungle? Then there’s lower Manhattan where SoHo and Little Italy are. After a quick bite at Lombardi’s, New York’s first Pizza, we continued south to see two iconic bridges that connect Brooklyn and Manhattan. Being on the other side of the city gave us the best view to watch the sun set behind its towering buildings.

If you think that this set already features the best of New York, watch out when we feature the second day. For the meantime, enjoy this one!

Update: Day 2 is online! Check it out in this link: Part 2