Mount Pulag Post Wedding Session | Pilgrim and Cheryll

We’ve met hundreds of couples and each of them has their unique personality. They fancy different things and some would bring these ideas to the shoot. When I met Pilgrim and Che, they didn’t book us only for their e-session and wedding but they also immediately planned for the post wedding sessions. Their ideas were exciting and somewhat crazy for some – Who would wear a suit and a wedding gown in an extremely cold weather after traveling for more than twelve hours? Plus spend a couple of days on an isolated island and walk with water up to your chest in pitch black? Well, not a lot..and we love it! It excites us to be challenged either with out of the box ideas or near impossible shots but it’s our joy to always give our couples a unique set.

We’re sharing the first part of their post wedding session, this one was shot on Mt. Pulag. Our groom, appropriately named Pilgrim, is a travel junkie who loves discovering new places and exploring unbeaten paths. Pulag is not a tourist destination for most because of the lack in toilets or posh accommodations but its charming beauty keeps people coming. It is the second highest peak in the Philippines and with that, we found ourselves above a sea of clouds. Capturing their portraits while marveling at this unbelievable sight was an experience unlike anything we’ve seen. Check out this beautiful set and watch out for Part 2 which was shot on an island down south.
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