A Rustic Barn Pre-Wedding | Jeremy and Ann

What if your happily ever after was someone you already saw every day?

Jeremy and Ann practically grew up side by side. From pre-school, elementary, high school, until college, they never got together, but nor were they ever far apart. But destiny would soon have its say. All it took was a moment of spontaneity, when a trip with common friends let them see each other in a whole new light. When she saw not the straight-laced nerdy boy of her youth, but the man that she had always prayed for; and when he saw not the loud and carefree girl from school, but the woman who would be his queen.

What if the person you wanna grow old with you was already growing older with you all this time? These two know the answer–never let them go.

Makeup: Joan Quizon
Styling: Sidney Yap