Baler, Aurora Engagement Session | Tyron and Olga

For some, it’s as simple as a space in their home while for others, it’s a hideaway tucked in some quiet distant town. It is that place to de-stress and unwind, away from the noise and congestion in the city. People call it their happy place and for Tyron and Olga, it’s Baler.

We actually underestimated the drive to Aurora and we took nearly half a day on the road. But when we saw the ocean and the great waves that it is known for, I knew then that the travel would be worth it. From climbing rock formations to nearly 200 steps for a lighthouse, our couple didn’t back down and we got to produce some of the best engagement photos shot in this beautiful surfing spot.

Being a site that’s personal to them, Baler is just the perfect venue to have their engagement session. It tells a lot about them and it’s somewhere they feel most comfortable. How about you? Where is your happy place?

Designer: Sabrina Tan
Makeup: Criselda Perez