Bournemouth, England Engagement Session | Lee and Darcy

It was a cold autumn morning when I took a coach from London for a 3-hour trip to the southern part of England. I have never been to this area but they say that it’s one of the most popular spots for tourists especially during the summer. When I arrived, it’s hard not to notice that the lifestyle here is more laid back and the crowd’s pace is much slower compared to when I was in the city. After a short walk to check out our locations, we planned the schedule and started shooting.

We began at the pier and luckily, there wasn’t a huge crowd. I was told that it can get pretty busy here with hundreds of people on the beach alone, so crowded that it will be too hard to find a spot for photos. After a quick break, we checked out one of the town’s landmarks, St. Peter’s Church. It’s right at the town centre and with its eye catching architecture, it’s hard to miss.

Finally, it was almost sunset when Lee and Darcy changed to a more comfortable set of clothes for some beach photos. Back in the Philippines, we have a ton of these and some images playing with water is a usual sight. But here, it’s just impossible because of the freezing sea water. I tried dipping in it just for the heck of it and I didn’t even last 5 seconds! Anyway, it was a really laid back shoot because this couple just looked so lovely together. It was a joy taking photos of them in this beautiful town so we’re definitely coming back!