Hacienda Isabella Engagement Session | Jaime and Nadine

We were having a rainy afternoon when we had the engagement session of Jaime and Nadine. Prior to this, we talked a lot on how the engagement session will happen and the location fit for their personalities. These two are really laid back so I think we got the perfect venue for the pre wedding photos. As for the clothes, it was pretty much the basics that they brought. With the help of their stylist friend, Ram de Vera, we settled with comfortable clothing that would match the airy Hacienda.

The shoot went as a breeze with the help of Jaime and Nadine along with their stylist. As I always say, the e-session’s success will base on our team work with the couple. We are usually asked about posing and some couples worry about not being model-like, saying that it might be hard for them to have their photos taken. I always assure them that almost everyone that we capture are just regular couples. That’s where I come in to help make the images look natural though they are actually directed. Making it look effortless and comfortable is always the top priority, we wouldn’t want a bride who’s obviously having a difficult time with her stance or something, that can be seen on her face.

Going back to Jaime and Nadine, my favorite would be the unexpected use of the main house where they had these tea lights. The look came as a surprise when we tried to light them up and it made the bare white walled stairway look interesting. Elegantly dressed with their formal set paired with the mood provided by the lighting, I absolutely love how it turned out. Anyway, it would take me a whole day writing about how it went. Just check out the photos of this gorgeous couple’s e-session.