La Vista Mansion and Film Museum Engagement | JR and Ria

We are in an old glam state of mind today and it starts out with nothing short of an elegant affair. Think dapper looks and gorgeous dresses, think of regal charm and fine art. We suggest that you to take a couple of minutes off of your time as we transport you into a world of grandeur and sophistication, of finesse and cinematic flair. Are you ready?

Let us first take you into a private estate in the heart of Quezon City. Reminiscent of 19th century interior design, from the grand staircase, to the intricate halls and ceilings, right off the bat, it certainly felt like vintage nostalgia with hints of modern allure written all over. All we needed was some romance to fill the entire place and we knew we could count on JR and Ria with that.

Of course, the glamour did not just end there. The second set revolved around something more personal to them. Being that JR also writes movie reviews for a magazine, it was only fitting that the engagement shoot was film-inspired. We continued on to shoot in a film museum to showcase their love for watching films–from shooting in a theater to paying homage to their favorite movie “In The Mood for Love” by Wong Kar-wai.

This engagement shoot was a celebration of art and love–two things that we consider of utmost importance as wedding photographers. And might I say, we couldn’t be any more fulfilled. So if you are up for something beautiful today, come celebrate with us and look through this gallery of wonder and breathtaking beauty.

Makeup: Katchie Mejias
Styling: Jeff Galang