Las Casas, Quezon City, Engagement Session | Jason and Koo

Booking a wedding photographer is not just about having someone to take your photos. Most of the time, it’s about trusting an artist on how they would execute their vision. Having total creative freedom is one of the best things about our couple, Jason and Koo. Although we would always ask them if they have any request, they would constantly let us decide on what we think is best. Having them trust our expertise made the shoot so easy and smooth that it didn’t feel like work at all.

Other than Jason and Koo, the location that they chose seemed like it was designed specifically for photoshoots like this. There was a balance of indoor and outdoor spots so when it rained, we were able to continue shooting indoors. It’s also the closest location that we’ve encountered, found right at the center of Metro Manila which makes it one of the most convenient venues for couples.

Makeup: Criselda Perez
Styling: Rabbithole Creatives