Navotas Shipyard Engagement Session | Sheldon and Reeca

“Give me a place that you have access to that the public or most people don’t have” – this is one of my first questions whenever I brainstorm with a couple for their engagement session. The pre-wedding shoot is not just simply having a set of lovely photos with your fiancé, it is also a chance to explore outside comfort zones and try new things – like climbing a ship while wearing a long gown or looking good in a suit in an area filled with sparks and welders. We always look for that next unique idea to try but not veering away from the foundations of our shooting style. Even if it’s a grungy looking place, the photos maintain a classy and timeless feel.

When you have a shipyard as your backyard with a boat named after you, what would you do? It was long part of my bucket list to hold an engagement shoot in a similar setting with all the activities happening around. When Reeca pitched the idea to me, I was so sure that the shoot will be amazing. However, it wasn’t an easy task with all the movement in the area and climbing steel platforms to have different perspectives. But since our bride literally grew up with these, she was unfazed with my requests so we can have unique angles. Enjoy the photos!

Makeup: Lindsay Co-Alog
Styling: Jeff Galang