Laguna Engagement Session | Nonie and Lulu

When Nonie and Lulu told me that we’ll be shooting on a private estate, I got curious on how it would look like. For me, it’s always a joy discovering new sites and finding good spots in the most nondescript places. However, our scheduled shoot happened after a super typhoon struck the area and Nonie, who used to frequent the place for his work, was surprised on how it looked very different. A lot of trees were uprooted and a good deal of cleaning up had to be done.

But while driving around, I saw the potential that could turn this into an interesting scene. We made use of some logs that were cut for disposal and it surprisingly worked out with their set of clothes. Almost all the trees had sparse leaves, if not totally leafless, but looked great on the photos especially at sunset. Since it’s a newly developed land, there were no buildings in sight or structures that we can use for a shoot. This made the evening layout a bit difficult because we’re literally shooting in pitch black. Good thing there was a small hill where we can see the city in the distance and with some ideas on lighting, took some photos here and wrapped up.

Having an engagement shoot is heavily dependent on the location but I can say that anywhere or whatever lighting condition would be perfect for any couple. We love challenges and part of our discipline is to make sure that there will be no excuses in producing great photos.

Makeup and Hair: Byron Velasquez
Styling: Reese Rubin