Boracay Engagement Session | Sam and Danike

Boracay island is considered by many as having the best beach in the world with it’s fine white sand and crystal blue waters. But unknown to a lot of people are the other beaches in the island aside from the usual White Beach. That’s what we explored in this engagement session. We went to what they call Puka Beach, found at the northern tip of the island. This one is very different because it doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of the main beach. This place is more for quiet, intimate moments, a perfect spot for our e-session.

Sam and Danike are both from Australia and the island is no strange sight to them. Being absolutely in love with traveling, they have explored other beaches in the world but still, they chose Boracay as the place where they will be husband and wife. I got quite curious why of all the islands in the world, they chose this one. That’s what I’ll tell you guys about when I post their wedding soon. As of now, enjoy this complete engagement session photos of this beautiful couple. :]