Sarah Garcia and Tanchellie Lobete Pre-Wedding Shoot

It’s been a long journey for Sarah and Tanch, an amazing one but not without it’s challenges. To say that their story had its share of ordeals is an understatement. But here they are, about to get married and expecting a child. 

We started in the afternoon which was the ideal setting for our concept. First off was our set on a yacht where we had both of them in wedding gowns. Since I can’t fly out to cover their union, it was the perfect idea to make the photos feel like they were taken from their actual wedding day. This was unlike anything that we’ve done before so definitely, this was one for the books. 

And then we found ourselves being treated to this beautiful sunset on our final location. It’s on top of a nearby hotel that’s never open to the public, exactly what we’re looking for when planning a pre-wedding shoot. Check out those stunning sunset colors below!

Oh by the way, head on over to their Youtube channel to watch the behind the scenes.

Makeup: Cris Tiongco
Styling: Jingx Cruz