Maternity Session | Kate

Kate is a makeup artist and about six years ago, I met her on one of the first few weddings that I captured. Let’s say that she literally saw us grow from just trying to make it in the industry to the spot that we are in now. When I learned that she was pregnant, I knew that I had to take photos of her.

We usually see maternity photos done in the same way but when I was envisioning what we want to achieve, I was thinking of having something that has a similar feel to how we take photos of weddings. It’s a good thing that Kate found a perfect location for the shoot–a penthouse that has enough lighting and with interiors that definitely fit the mood that we’re after.

Coupled with great styling, we were able to pull off a shoot that I’ve never tried before. Well, I feel like this is the first of many maternity sessions that we’ll be having. Definitely, it’s something that I’d do again. Now, any takers?

Makeup: Jhera Fadol
Styling: Aira Franco