East Ocean Palace Tinghun | Ronne and Roxanne

For those who might not know, a Tinghun is a traditional Chinese engagement ceremony that’s rich with customs and rituals, symbolizing the union of two families. It’s a beautiful event, filled with meaningful traditions like the exchange of gifts, the tea ceremony, and the couple’s formal introduction to each other’s families.

What made Ronne and Roxanne’s Tinghun stand out was their unique styling. The decor had a modern twist with elegant touches, yet it didn’t lose the classic, timeless feel of a Tinghun. The mix of contemporary and traditional elements created an atmosphere that was both sophisticated and warm.

Capturing moments like these, where old meets new, is always special. Ronne and Roxanne’s ceremony was a perfect blend of elegance and tradition, making their engagement truly memorable.

Coordination: Tinghun Tris
Videography: Wild Ones
Makeup: Lin Uy
Florist and Styling: Kyno Kho
Couturier: Banggo Niu
Host: Max Tiu