Santuario de San Antonio Wedding | Enrik and Debbie

Their shared fondness for traveling and going to the beach prompted them to have a water inspired concept. In retrospect, they initially planned to have a beach wedding but logistics would have been taxing. Easy solution and reasonable bargain: bring the sea to the city. By far, their reception has the most elaborate set up that I’ve ever seen. Having a seascape theme, Henry Pascual put up light fixtures that resembled glowing jelly fishes and dotted the tables with coral-looking flower arrays. Underwater and yet pretty overwhelming huh?

There were no colourful gowns for the bridesmaids. While it may seem ironic for a jolly occasion, they donned black gowns. As Debbie explained, it disproves the idea of the colour being related to something negative. Personally, the motif exuded elegance that blended well with the colours used at the reception hall. And of course, with happy hearts and bright smiles, how can the celebration possibly be dulled just because of colour selection.

P.S. A few days before the wedding, I found out that Anna, her maid of honor, is actually one of our upcoming 2014 brides. Meanwhile, Anna was also the maid of honor of another bride whose wedding we shot a few weeks after Enrik and Debbie’s. Oh, they didn’t share notes on wedding suppliers. Talk about coincidence. :]

Coordination: Teena Barretto
Makeup: Kate Cruz-Hernandez
Couturier: Edwin Tan
Event Styling: Henry Pascual
Videography: Notion in Motion (watch video)