San Roque Chapel, Subic Wedding | Jeff and Zyra

Locations for weddings are usually significant to couples, they either met or got engaged there. For Jeff and Zyra, Subic was the beginning of their story. This is their hometown and they even went to school together until high school. Now, they’re celebrating a new chapter of their lives in the same town.

It was a breezy December morning and on our way to their hotel, we happened to pass by a carnival. I immediately thought that it might look cool and it’s a unique concept to explore. The playful lighting, colors and the scruffy looking amusement rides, summing up these gave the spot a unique mood that’s hard to replicate elsewhere. So I felt why not give it a shot, I persuaded the carnival owners a bit and eventually got them into letting us in that evening. I believe this is what sets us apart, going the extra mile to achieve photos that are contemporary but stays true to keeping it beautiful and still showing the couple’s love. Have fun with this one. :]

Makeup and Hair: Dey Caisip
Florist and Styling: Event Studios by Gideon Hermosa
Couturier: Cecilio Abad Design Team