Manchester, England Wedding | Mark and Doreen

“It was a sunny autumn morning in London and the River Thames was bringing a cool breeze to my room.” I love this time of the year in the UK because the weather is just right – it isn’t too cold nor too hot. These days, I would prefer spending my time outdoors. It’s the season to see a multitude of colors on trees and to breathe in that distinct smell of leaves falling off. However, I had to leave early to catch a bus going north.

After around five hours, I found myself surrounded by a perfect blend of Victorian architecture and modern structures. Manchester, known as England’s second most populated city, is progressive yet its history isn’t forgotten. We started with a quick engagement session at the Dunham Massey park where deers and other animals live free. The following day, it was their wedding held in Cheshire, a county just outside the city. The ceremony was held at the Mere Court, originally an Edwardian Country House built in 1903 that is now mostly used for weddings with its traditional yet stylish facade. I guess this is one of the things that I like about the United Kingdom – they treasure their ancestry so much in which almost all the buildings are preserved and protected.

The English are well known for having intimate weddings, surrounded only by those who are really close to them. Although the bouquet toss and other traditions are quite similar to what we have in the Philippines, the program mostly moved around speeches and a lot of dancing. It was truly a one of a kind experience covering a wedding beyond the borders of Asia. Having a rich history as the backdrop for Mark and Doreen’s wedding, their day is definitely one of the most notable weddings that we had. Enjoy the photos and watch out for more from our Euro tour! | Manchester, England, United Kingdom | Destination | Manchester, England, United Kingdom | Destination Weddingwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietiongco.comwww.benjietio