Asya Premier Suites, Boracay Wedding | Nick and Rheanna

It’s summer again and what better way to start things off but with a couple of beach weddings lined up for the blog. We were back in Boracay for the wedding of Nick and Rheanna held at the Asya Premier Suites. It was our first time to cover a wedding here and what I love about it is its isolation from the ruckus of edm beach parties. Other than that, its beach has a unique character having some big rocks scattered along the coast. It gives us plenty of ideas to play with and numerous angles to explore.

When Rheanna was telling me how their story happened, I was in awe on how Nick literally followed her on every country that she went to. Just imagine how far they’ve come from the time that they met. This is probably why part of the design on the guest’s tables are the countries that they’ve been. The travel theme that they had in mind was perfectly done with the wedding details such as the passport wedding invites, bottles of alcoholic beverages from around the world, and a wedding cake topped with corals, among others.

Being born in Germany, not a lot from Nick’s side was able to attend the wedding. Nonetheless, his family and some of his closest buddies were there to witness this new chapter in their lives. It was an intimate wedding capped off with a bang from a set of fireworks and the ever popular fire dancers.

Coordination: Boracay Weddings | Amanda Tirol
Videography: Cinemaworks
Makeup: Victor Ortega
Couturier: Mel Orlina