Discovery Shores, Boracay Wedding | Sam and Danike

It’s Easter Sunday and we’re breathing life back to our blog with this beautiful wedding in paradise. Today’s featured wedding brings great pride as a Filipino since it is of the wedding of an Australian couple set in the breathtaking island of Boracay. It also serves as a beautiful reminder for all the soon-to-be weds.

Sam and Danike met 7 years ago and ended up at a beach on their first date. They both share a love for travel and during one of their many trips, they stumbled upon Boracay. It is not uncommon that locals and foreigners alike are captivated by an exquisite paradise. It is rather extraordinary though that out of the multitude of beaches in the world that Sam and Danike have seen and been to, they chose Boracay to witness the proof of the lifetime vow of love they would make.

The wedding was attended by the couples’ family members and friends who flew out from Australia just to be present. Talk about going the extra mile. Sam and Danike, too, wanted to demonstrate their love and gratitude for their guests by giving them a taste of paradise. These factors were what we tried to capture in photos. And yes, we succeeded.

The beauty of a beach wedding, solely of its kind, is that its elements are synonymous to the kind of wedded life the couple are hoping for when they say I do. That their respect for each other remains as pure as the powdery white sand on the shore. That the quality of their communication remains as crystal clear as the waters drifting by. And that their love is as vast and unending as the horizon over the sea.

The wedding, like the beach, is truly incomparable to any other of its kind. As proof, check out and enjoy the photos below. :]

Coordination: Amanda Tirol | Boracay Weddings
Videography: Mayad Studios
Florist: Vatel Manila
Make-up: Victor Ortega