Santuario de San Antonio and Shangri-La Fort Wedding | Manuel and Nicole

The pandemic has taught us a lot of things, and one of them is that love can flourish even in the midst of a crisis. The story of Manuel and Nicole is a perfect example of that. In fact, the situation may have even strengthened their bond because they had to communicate more deeply and creatively.

After just a couple of months together, Manuel proposed to her. It was unexpected but it felt right for both of them. It’s not about how long they’ve known each other, but how deep their connection was.

This grand affair was an absolute stunner, overflowing with class and elegance. From the opulent decor to the exquisite couture, witnessing their wedding was like stepping into a dream of romance and luxury. It was truly an unforgettable celebration of love.

Coordination: COTE Events | Christine Ong-Te
Videography: Mayad Studios
Makeup: Japeth Purog
Florist: Dave Sandoval
Couturier: Michael Leyva
Host: Kevin Lapeña