St. Therese Parish Wedding | Vince and Ally

It’s been discovered that what makes the experience of listening to music enjoyable is anticipation. Our brains figure out the pattern of the song, and a rush of dopamine hits the pleasure center of our brain just before the refrain. The same thing happens when we ride a rollercoaster: it’s the split-second of stillness before the plunge that makes us feel most alive–the space of a breath between two lovers just about to kiss.

For Vince and Ally, now soaring high after their wedding, it’s the memory of days long gone that make today more pleasurable. The time they spent apart that make every moment they spend together taste that much sweeter. Countless pedicab rides, hours stuck in jeepneys and cabs, enduring traffic with a broken AC, just so they could meet up, just so they could make their relationship work. The strain that almost pulled them apart, once surpassed, made their bond even stronger–stronger than distance, stronger than doubt, stronger than yesterday. Then and now, hope sustains them: the certainty and anticipation that as long as they stay together, even better days are ahead.

Coordination: Christine Ong-Te Events
Videography: Jason Magbanua
Makeup: Mark Qua
Florist: Randy Lazaro
Couturier: Francis Libiran
Host: Eva Poon