Camp Netanya, Batangas Engagement Session | PJ and Kat

There’s always more to a location than meets the eye. We had PJ and Kat’s engagement session at Camp Netanya in Anilao, Batangas. It’s one of those resorts that try to mimic the iconic colors of Santorini. The white and blue paint jobs bring out that scene and there’s the pool plus the beach to explore. Surely, it is a nice place to begin with but the area seems a little small for an engagement shoot.

I walked around the property and found some spots that are unfinished and still require some construction work. Seeing the potential in these, I encouraged PJ and Kat to have some of their photos taken here. We saw some unpainted doors that were lined up and some items that were probably used when the hotel was built. I guess it worked when I used these as on-location props because they brought out a mood of edginess.

There are always surprises and unexpectedly good finds during a shoot whether it’s for engagement or wedding photos. I think the key to it is never settling with what’s easily seen and digging deeper to find these hidden gems.

Makeup: Byron Velasquez
Styling: Jeff Galang