Dubai Engagement Session | Tristan and Cza

The City of Gold – Dubai prides itself as having the largest, grandest, and richest things that we can’t see anywhere else. Who would’ve thought that what once was a vast desert could become the seat for the most ambitious projects in the world? In the couple of days that we were here, we didn’t only learn its origins but we also got to know its people, food, and culture.

Being a first timer in a Middle Eastern country, we had a lot of things to discover. Tristan and Cza got us for two days so we can maximize the unique locations that are offered. The first day was solely allotted for the desert which was about two to three hours away. The city is practically surrounded by endless stretches of sand but we were told that as we go further, the color changes from light tones to dark brown with a hint of gold. The patterns here are just amazing plus we got a chance to borrow a falcon and a camel for this layout.

Day two was reserved for the city. Though Dubai is mostly modern looking with its towering skyscrapers, they managed to preserve how their ancestors lived and even transformed a mall to feel like an old market in the desert. With some persuasion, some locals also let us use their boats for some photos. This is the Abra, one of the local ways to commute and we got here at such a busy time that people were flocking in an out of the station every few seconds. After this set, it was time for the record breaking Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. Having this mammoth structure as the backdrop for the (another record breaking) Dubai fountain left us all in awe.

Everything in here is big and grand. However, we see that they stick to their culture a lot despite all the advancements. We were told that we only scratched the surface and there’s more to see and experience. We’ll definitely come back here but for now, you guys enjoy this set. :]

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