Korea Pre-Wedding Shoot | David and Elise

When Elise got in touch with me for their pre-wedding shoot, we only had less than a month to plan. Syncing our schedule with theirs was one of the challenging parts during but thankfully, everything fell into place and we were able to have three shooting days with them.

Our first day was the longest with traditional Korean architecture, the Seoul tower, and a casual night at Myeongdong. The second day was reserved for Nami island while our last day was for the pink grass of Haneul park and the ultra modern building designed by Zaha Hadid, the Dongdaenum Design Plaza.

While it was not my first time in Seoul, it still felt like I was walking through new locations–it’s always exciting to search for the best lighting while finding new spots to shoot at. We try to avoid the usual areas where tourist photos are taken and we aim for having most of the images, if not all, to look different compared to everyone else’s.

Makeup: Nikki Betos
Styling: Cath Sobrevaga