Kyoto and Nara, Japan Engagement Session | Yan and Joanna

Opportunity is a gift to the lucky and the persistent ones—for Yan and Joanna’s two day engagement shoot, one of the sites that we visited was the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. It was packed with tourists and we almost lost hope on taking a proper set of photos there. We waited and walked further until we saw a shack. I was curious so I snooped around and there it was, a hidden opening at the back that led to the forest! Next thing we knew, we found ourselves surrounded by these towering giants. so shoot we did to our hearts’ delight. Well, it’s something that not everyone can find so we decided to spend a bit more time here.

For Osaka, we discovered locations that were a stark contrast of Kyoto. Yan mentioned these parks and surprisingly, there were no tourists around. The romantic mood was even more amplified by a sea of cherry trees with their perfect pink blooms. The Japanese say that these trees symbolize new beginnings—and I say that this is also what an engagement shoot means to me as a photographer.

Shoots like these will not go unchallenged. There were moments when it was extremely cold that we can only shoot for a couple of seconds before Joanna needed cover. I guess with Yan’s help and his consistent warm glance, she braved through the chilly weather to finish our sets.

Japan is definitely gorgeous and so far, it’s one of the best destinations that we’ve seen. We walked through old towns, fed a group of deers, and looked for hidden bamboo forests. Other than having a ton of gorgeous photos, our experience during this shoot made it even more special. Enjoy the photos!

Makeup: Criselda Perez