Batangas Engagement Session | Mikel and Precious

It is a known fact that as wedding suppliers, we are most likely hard to please when it comes to our own life events. Having seen hundreds of weddings, there’s a tendency to always look for the best one. That is why when Precious (a makeup artist for weddings) and Mikel got us for their engagement session, I was excited knowing that we were working with someone who probably met dozens of other photographers.

We had a long drive south to Batangas and we were targeting to start early in the afternoon. However, there was an unexpected traffic congestion on the way that we had to push back the schedule, giving us limited time to shoot. The initial plan was to have one layout on the yacht then drop by an island and then back on the yacht for sunset. Well, it turned out that we had to start shooting while enroute to the island. The water was fairly calm at the start but the boat heavily swayed and vertigo began setting in plus it was actually harder than I thought balancing on a moving boat. I guess the adrenaline kicked in and we gladly finished the set just in time as we arrived on the island. Having the whole beach to ourselves is a photographer’s dream. No people on the background and no clutter of hotels seen in the pictures. Sunset came early and after a few snaps, we were back on the boat.

Sometimes, plans don’t happen according to how it was imagined and agendas may be affected by uncontrollable factors. At the end of the day, we were all ecstatic as to how the photos turned out. No matter what hurdles are thrown, there’s only one thing that remains to be the most important, capturing Mikel and Precious in exceptional photos.