Old Grove Farmstead Pre-Wedding | Forth and Anj

Love and adventure merge in this pre-wedding shoot with Forth and Anj. We held it at the Old Grove Farmstead in Lipa, complete with a red barn and some farm animals. But the real thrill came when we climbed the water tower—it was an unexpected twist! Even though Forth battled his fear of heights, he braved it like a champ. As the sun set, we were all bathed in captivating hues. The water mirrored the golden tones, providing us with a picturesque backdrop for capturing them amid this rustic charm.

These two were a breeze to photograph, their willingness to dive into our creative ideas added an extra layer of magic to the entire shoot. Whether it was capturing a candid moment while they were on a boat, or embracing against the sunset, their enthusiasm and openness shone through in every shot.