Pinto Art Gallery Engagement Session | GB and Coreen

GB had taken the ring out of his pocket while Coreen was looking away, still laughing about a Notting Hill comment that he made a few seconds ago. When she looked back at him, he had the ring out and all noise fell away. So much so that GB had to ask what Coreen’s answer was after a full 5 minutes just to make sure that she agreed to the proposal.

Starstruck and starry-eyed, Coreen said “Yes”. And things couldn’t have been any better after that fateful day. When someone as chill as her meets someone as caring as GB, things tend to fall in place quite easily. When you look at the photos below, you’ll notice that they truly exude the aura of two people who know what they want in life: to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s company.

Makeup: Mark Qua
Styling: Katie Pineda