Hong Kong Engagement Session | Stephen and Zyra

A perfect fusion of east and west – that’s how I’ll describe Hong Kong. Being only a couple of hours by plane from Manila, this former British colony preserved its Chinese traditions yet it has obviously adapted the modern culture of the west. Hong Kong is known for its natural harbour, the Victoria. It was a mesmerizing sight as we stood here and watched the evening sky glow from the Symphony of Lights, a nightly feature that made a perfect scene for an engagement session.

Earlier during the day, we explored the streets of the city and made our way up on The Peak where we saw the progressive region that it has become. There is a certain charm that Hong Kong offers that I haven’t seen during my travels in other Asian countries. I guess it’s how their culture isn’t buried by the towering buildings and that there is still some language barrier that makes me feel lost in a big metro. Before settling at the harbour, we also stopped by the 1881 Heritage, an old Victorian themed structure that probably dates back to the British occupation. Yet again, the mixing of old and new is seen here where the building is aptly combined with more modern day use.

Definitely, Hong Kong’s significance to our couple is something worth sharing. This is where they met a few years back and it is here that they look forward to shaping their life together. Sticking to the Chinese culture, there are a lot of reds in their clothes which signify good fortune and joy. A mix of past and present where traditions meet innovations, enjoy browsing this engagement session of Stephen and Zyra.

Makeup and Hair: Criselda Perez