Thailand Pre-Wedding Part Two | Jarvis and Geline

For this set with Jarvis and Geline, we traveled before sunrise for a day in the city of Pattaya. Our first stop was an elephant sanctuary where we worked with these gentle giants. It was my first encounter with these magnificent creatures, and I must admit, words hardly do justice to the awe-inspiring moment.

We then made our way to the Pattaya Floating Market. Here, we indulged a bit on the exotic flavors of the local cuisine, embracing the vibrant culture and traditions. A boat ride added an extra layer of charm to this shoot, allowing our couple to immerse themselves fully in the unique location. But our adventure didn’t stop there, our final destination was an illustrious white temple that wasn’t even on Google maps. This architectural masterpiece stood out like a radiant jewel amidst the lush Thai landscape.

This shoot was an opulent experience, a day of love and wonder that transcended all expectations. If you’re planning a destination pre-wedding shoot that’s as luxurious as it is breathtaking, consider Thailand, it’s a paradise waiting to frame your love story.

Styling: Jeff Galang
Makeup: Upbert Makeup