EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Tinghun | Marky and Szanelle

I recently had the privilege of capturing one of the most stunning Tinghun ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen my fair share of these beautiful Chinese engagements, but this one truly took the cake when it came to jaw-dropping colors and intricate details.

Now, you know how the traditional red gown usually steals the show, but not this time. Szanelle wore not one, but two exquisite gowns from two of the top designers in Manila – Francis Libiran and Mak Tumang. Talk about making a statement! As we captured those moments while they were getting ready, it was impossible not to be in awe of the sheer elegance and sophistication in the room. Szanelle, radiant as ever, truly embodied the essence of timeless beauty.

As soon as we stepped into the venue, we were swept off by the mesmerizing color palette. The opulence of gold and the serenity of teal transformed the venue to look nothing short of spectacular. This was definitely a Tinghun that was a feast for the senses, a love story for the ages, and a day of memories that’ll last a lifetime

Coordination: Tinghun Tris
Videography: Project Mayo 7
Makeup: Cherry Pacheco
Grooming: Albert Kurniawan
Styling and Wall Decor: Tinghun Tris | iMajic Events
Ceremony Gown: Francis Libiran
Reception Gown: Mak Tumang
Host: Michael Sy Lim