Treasure Mountain and Munting Gubat Pre-Wedding | Karl and Dei

We started at the crack of dawn at Treasure Mountain where we were hoping to catch those dreamy sea of clouds. We didn’t quite get them, but man, did we still manage to capture some stunning shots. I’ll never forget the sight of Karl and Dei owning those cliffs, with the stunning Rizal mountains serving as the perfect backdrop. It was like watching love bloom amidst nature’s finest.

With tall pine trees and a vibe that just made you want to snuggle up, next on our itinerary was this charming spot called Munting Gubat. The air was crisp, the mood cozy, and our cameras were soaking it all up. And as the sun made its way down, we decided to wrap things up in the most heartwarming way. Picture this – wrapped in cozy blankets, roasting marshmallows over a crackling bonfire, and sharing some laughter over a couple of chilled beers, it was like a scene straight out of a movie.

Love and nature teamed up to create something truly special for this one. But this was more than just a pre-wedding shoot; this was a rendezvous with the best things in life – love, laughter, and the stunning beauty all around us.

Makeup: Cris Tiongco
Styling: NAB Manila