Tokyo, Japan Engagement Session | Darby and Eleni

There’s something very special in getting lost and shooting an engagement session in the Land of the Rising Sun. It is known for its calmness and serenity, so we upped the ante by escaping from all the buzz in the city. We decided to visit the quiet old town of Kawagoe. However, we really didn’t have an idea what to expect since none of us has ever been there. So when we arrived, we just freestyle-roamed the town and looked for some hidden spots that aren’t really tourist attractions. I was surprised by how this small town peeled itself to us and revealed some places that served as great backdrops.

From there, everything became second nature. Poses came out naturally and the stillness of the surroundings made them oblivious of my presence, bringing out a romantic look in their images. Showcasing their love for each other was the only thing palpable in those moments.

Shooting under the cherry blossoms was another story. Typically, these flowers would look great under the sun when it’s clearly seen. But we were behind our schedule and we had to keep shooting after sunset. We wanted something different and lo and behold, cherry blossoms at night? It was so magical and intoxicating in a good way. If we didn’t stay longer, we wouldn’t have had the chance to create this unique perspective for this usual sight on a Japanese spring.

Makeup: Criselda Perez
Styling: Aisa Ipac