Luxury Travel Pre-Wedding Shoot | Glenn and Carla

Travel themed pre-wedding shoots would usually just have some vintage luggages on some random location. It’s one of the most overused ideas out there mainly because it’s quite easy to pull off. But for Glenn and Carla, they elevated the concept by covering all forms of travel in style. From a striking cobalt blue Maserati to a private plane coupled with a jet black chopper, it was nothing but moving in luxury. To top if all off, we had this perfect sunset on a yacht out in the sea to complete the shoot.

One of the most memorable moments was when we got to have a short set on top of the plane’s wing. I actually didn’t think it was possible but I got excited when were allowed to go up. It was just too hot that weren’t able to stay too long but by the looks of what we created, it was well worth it.