Tutulari Gorge and Pinatubo Pre-Wedding | Derrick and Chelsea

Working in nature can be tough with the dust, heat, and all the walking and climbing. But Derrick and Chelsea embraced these challenges, with their adventurous energy adding magic to the shoot, resulting in dynamic and beautiful photos.

We started at Tutulari Gorge, a hidden gem with dramatic cliffs and moss-covered walls. It was our first time here and walking through it reminded me of the canyons in Arizona. Next, we headed to the land surrounding Mt. Pinatubo. Since its eruption, the area has transformed into a unique landscape with a stunning crater lake and rugged terrain.

This pre-wedding shoot was more than just a series of photos; it was an adventure that highlighted their love and energy. Each location added a unique element to their story, creating lasting memories.

Coordination: Christine Ong-Te Events
Styling: Sidney Yap
Makeup: Sheena Ilustre