Guadalupe Church Wedding | Nico and Ally

The thing about love (and we are talking about all kinds of love) is that, we all wish for it, we all want it. We all search for love because at the end of the day, I think we can all agree that it’s the greatest gift we can give, and ultimately, the one and only gift we ever truly desire.

Let us give you a snippet of these two as a couple. They’re young, fun, full of life and love (this gallery is for sure a true testament of that). For Nico and Ally, it’s as if the universe conspired to bring them together. And yes, I may have just lifted that from a quote but hearing the couple’s story, it definitely rings true to that line. They actually already met back when they were still in high school. A couple of years later, they would eventually find out that they lived in the same village and would go around in the same area, but never did they ever cross each other’s paths. It wasn’t only until through a common friend where they would finally meet again. And you could say that the story ended up on a positive note with wedding bells included–that’s where we come in!

Each and every wedding we capture dignifies how powerful love is. As wedding photographers, it reminds us that this is what we live for. How each story is different from the other, how our couples complement each other, and above all else how love always takes the center stage at every celebration. So sit back and enjoy this gallery we’ve prepared. Because judging by all the dancing and fun at the reception, it’s a party you’ll enjoy scrolling through!

Coordination: Joseph Vila | Company of Brides
Videography: Ian Celis
Makeup: Christine Duque
Grooming: The Union Barbershop
Florist: Billi Orario
Couturier: Francis Libiran
Wedding Cake: The Sweet Life by Ange
Hosts: Nikko Ramos and Katz Salao
DJ: Nix Damn P!