Tokyo, Japan Wedding | Noriko and Satoshi

We’ve covered hundreds of weddings in the Philippines and we’re pretty familiar with the groove and flow of how they should go. The bride and the groom separately dress up, guests gather for the ceremony, and everyone gets to celebrate the night away at the reception. However, Noriko and Satoshi’s wedding was a bit different–a refreshing kind of different, if you ask. And it all boils down to one thing, which we find utterly amazing—culture.

Noriko got in touch with me just a little over a week before the event. She has been looking for a local photographer in Tokyo but she felt like most of them didn’t fit the style and aesthetics that she saw from us. It’s actually one of the shortest timeframe that we’ve encountered from the e-mail inquiry to the wedding day. And so we immediately booked our tickets, packed our bags, and our Japanese wedding journey began.

Walking along the streets of Tokyo is an experience in itself. But shooting Noriko and Satoshi in the city brought us into a whole new and memorable experience. It’s not everyday that we get to be immersed in such a unique culture and we’re glad to see this through their wedding. Honestly, it was a bit of a challenge because everything was in Japanese. We merely followed our instincts and tried to understand what’s happening by being carefully observant. The flow of the day was also far from what we have in Manila but I find the distinction in customs quite fascinating. But above all else, despite the cultural differences, we understood the love that was present on that day. After all, it is a universal thing, right? As friends and family gave their speeches, sang in unison, and danced in quirky costumes, we revelled in the joy and love of the celebration. This one’s for the books and I hope you guys enjoy this gallery!